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                      THOT FOR TODAY: Wisdom to GO!

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Seeing things clearly requires more than physical eyesight.  In a mirror dimly, then face to face.  Will we ever truly see things clearly.  Not really, I believe.  We get it in little pieces and have to fit the puzzle together in our minds.  Sometimes, more importantly, we have to compare notes with others who have gifts which we do not have.  It is then and only then that we begin to truly SEE THE WHOLE PICTURE that God intended us to see.


Compulsion or compassion?  Today we had opportunity to sit for a little bit and talk some things out.  It's amazing how little time people really have any more to just hang out and chat.  We are so very, very busy making the ends meet that we forget about what needs to be in the middle that we were trying to hold together in the first place!  Making adjustments to put more time in every day to touch base with others is so important to make sure that the people and things that we claim to cherish aren't lost in the crossfire!



Decisions, decisions, decisions. 

All our decisions and the changes that result affect

MANY people not just ourselves. 

ALL actions that happen directly or indirectly

as a result of our decisions should be

to some degree anticipated. 

Otherwise we are the ignorant leading the ignorant. 


before you cross the street. 

After all we are walking together in this world. 

Impatience doesn't pay. 

Do to others what you would want done to you:

stop, think and LISTEN to others

when they tell you how YOUR DECISION OR ACTION

might positively or negatively affect their lives. 

That's what responsibility is all about. 




Using hindsight, insight and foresight

we walk through the valley of physical

blindness and teach how to

WALK BY FAITH in interdependence.

People often look OUTSIDE themselves for

GUIDANCE.  This is not wrong AS LONG AS

 they remember to always TEST what they

 find by accessing their WISDOM WITHIN!



Surrounded? By fear or by faith?  Which coat will you wear today?  That's right.  WE CHOOSE and this determines whether we WIN or LOSE.  Whether we examine the stats or the stars it all seems to say the same thing if only we LISTEN and know that in each and every situation we DO HAVE choices.  Even if those choices aren't always the best ones they may be the only ones we have and making the best choice from those that are available at any point in time is what REALLY determines our success!



TAKE DOWN THE CROSS!?  That's what a judge in San Diego ordered.  And why?  Because it might offend someone.  Since when are we Americans suddenly concerned that such a symbol would offend someone.  Separation of church and state?  Yes.  Understood.  The government is NOT GOD.  And if that is the case then why is a judge ordering Jesus to come down from the cross?  If the judge is NOT GOD, then why say which religion should or shouldn't be represented on public ground.  Why not allow those who wish to represent their religious freedom ADD to what is already there instead of removing expressions of that religious freedom altogether. Would it be right to ask a Jewish person to remove the Menorah from their window because it "offends" someone who can see it from a public sidewalk or public building?  What's next?  Is what we see so very important?  Then why say that we are "one Nation, under God"?  If I can hear or see you praying and you are doing so on "public" property would you arrest me?  GOD HELP US!  Can we see with a little foresight what a complete removal of all crosses on any public property would do?



So much has been happening...where did the year go?  PICK UP where you LEFT step at a time.  There are often moments like these when one wonders

 why its been so long since you just sat still and thought about GOD and took the

 time to write about how WONDERFUL GOD IS! THE YEAR 2013 has had its share of

 challenges.  Several days after the last entry I began a new job which has

occupied a lot of my time as I adjusted to a new opportunity to minister to many as

 a Spiritual Counselor.  As part of that process I took time to call other counselors

 on our Crisis Intervention Hotline anonymously to put myself in my clients shoes. 

 It has taught me a lot about being on the receiving end of "help".  Leslie often

 speaks about this since returning to work as a Social Worker 5 years ago.  He was

 out of work for 7 years following his accident and had to put himself in a position

 to receive help (both solicited and unsolicited) from others.  I firmly believe that

 putting ourselves on the receiving end of grace and charity provides us with an

 even greater understanding of the intention of these virtues.  Grace and Charity

 are not easy. There is more to it than throwing a bill in a red bucket in the street

 during the Christmas season.

TODAY during dinnertime Leslie shared how he had gotten off the subway car this

 evening on his way home, took a few steps and felt someone tap him on the back.

 When he turned around he realized as this person spoke that this man was

 considerably shorter than himself.  The man quickly asked if he might be of

 assistance in helping Leslie find the stairs, a task that Leslie normally navigates

 with ease after years of blindness mobility training.  Leslie took a deep breath and

 decided it was time to answer a prayer-in-action ... he asked God for help in being

 kind to someone who meant no harm.  He quickly explained that he often bristles

 and gets his back up when strangers offer him assistance but he did note to this

 man that he appreciated the fact that he did NOT GRAB his arm as some others

 have done in the past.  Then very uncharacteristically Father Leslie removed his

 glove and extended a firm handshake to this gentleman thanking him for wanting

 to do the right thing...

LESLIE explained that he felt better about this response than he has felt in the past when he has gotten defensive from time to time.  Educating others to the correct and polite way to offer assistance and the polite way to say thank you to those who offer such is an ongoing experience for us all...a lesson in humility, teaching us that GOD WANTS US TO HELP ONE ANOTHER.   In a world where there are so many folks who are so mean, this was an answer to prayer and an opportunity to share the JOY OF SAYING THANK YOU...



TIME TO LEAVE?  Okay going to work or going to Class. Going, going, gone?  We never know what will happen today.  So how important is it to you to make sure that when you leave for the day you have things in the right mood with your make sure that things are in order...something might happen today which would remove the opportunity for you to say "I'm sorry".  Why be sorry...why not take a deep breath, count to 10 and say THE RIGHT THING is a tough thing to do but so much better in the long run, right?


Boston. Bombs. Lives forever changed.  All day today I could not erase the PAIN as fresh as the DAY when I received a call from my husband informing me he had been in a accident.  On May 14 it will be 12 years.  It does NOT go away.  It is with you forever.  There are no platitudes that work.  There is no scripture that changes what happened and nothing that can be done to REVERSE THE DAMAGE.  It is done.  It took 3 1/2 years for an accident settlement to be reached.  By that time we were deeply in debt, savings dried up and personal loans owed to parents.  Ten days after finally receiving the funds we had to bury my father.

And WHY...because...just because.

The worst part about all this has been that over the past month I have had an extended family member hounding us to allow Leslie to receive a healing through some form of mind control.  This person even went so far as to say to us that I was unwilling to accept this help and that my alleged "domineering" nature had in fact caused hubby's blindness.

And WHY...because...just because.

2013: Boston. Bombs. 2001: Philadelphia & a hole left open, unmarked, uncovered. AND LIVES CHANGED FOR EVER...


And WHY...just because somebody or some persons COULD DO IT...with no thought for the PAIN others would suffer for a lifetime!

THAT IS THE SIN...a total disregard for HUMAN LIFE.

Today we pray for those who will know what we have known for the past 12 years and will continue to know...

DO THE RIGHT not criticize or try to FIX the innocent.

BRING THE GUILTY to Justice so that they can't do this to someone else!


WAITING.  Eight days of Hanukkah, four weeks of Advent and seven days of Kwanzaa.  Lighting of candles, speaking of HOPE... and responsibility to MAKE THAT HOPE HAPPEN.  How many of us are willing to step forward, to sit at a time with folks we may not talk to at other times, to light the candles of HOPE in the believe that ONE DAY, in their souls FOLKS WILL SEE the true meaning of this SEASON.  When we integrate we find the COMMON GOAL, the COMMON GROUND.  When we take TIME TO REMEMBER the battles that we have fought for PATIENCE with ourselves and others, the battles to defend the TRUTH.

Recently we were able to finally get through to some who had suggested that we should pay for Leslie's computer and training at his place of employment.  Companies have fallen on hard times and YET THIS IS NOT THE TIME to INCREASE THE BURDEN on an already overtaxed and tired people eeking out an existence in a world where wages have not kept pace with the cost of living.

WE PRAY FOR PEACE this season and for COURAGE as WE THE PEOPLE continue to defend THE TRUTH which is that we are ALL CREATED EQUAL in the eyes and soul of our CREATOR who only SEES our hearts ! 




Look a little closer.  Listen a little closer.  There is something you missed the first time around.  Take a couple steps back from the situation.  Read it as if the other person's heart were your own.  If you had lost your sight what would you want your family to do?  If your spouse had lost their sight how would you feel?  The answers aren't so easy are they?  What would you do?   Think about it a little...then read the entries posted here...with fresh eyes and heart...



We are not opposed to INDEPENDENCE for the blind.  What we ARE opposed to is

ISOLATION of the newly blind adult from their families and/or other critical social

networks in which they would have been engaged prior to their loss of sight. 

Isolation lends itself to creating a cult-like atmosphere where the individual is

asked to see the new group as their "real" family.  This type of setting increases

the likelihood that a person will suffer further emotional trauma.  Adult onset of

blindness is often brought on by sudden accident or traumatic exposure to

toxicity.  Isolation from all which is familiar almost guarantees heightening the

depression which goes along with the natural grief process of losing one's sight or

 other body function(s).  A traumatized and grieving person will recover more

quickly when they are surrounded by their loved ones.  Furthermore, the family

has also experienced the loss of their loved one in a very real way.  


Keeping the family unit intact during the most critical points of recovery is

essential to redeveloping the healthy interdependence and usefulness that the

newly blind adult deserves.  No one is an island unto themselves and should not

be treated this way. 


PHYSICAL BLINDNESS is not punishment nor is it something to ask GOD to "heal"...if it was then WHY do so many folks CLOSE YOUR EYES when you it not that this is how you will TRULY SEE GOD?!


There is a common bond between all people: PAIN. I remember the seven years I spent running on one or two hours sleep a night, working three jobs to support a family of four.  During that time I was also running from one courtroom to another somehow in between working and taking personal and vacation time to handle the many legal battles set off by the retaliation and neglect of a small group of city workers in the beautiful city I live in.  Their neglect of duty caused my husband's accident which in turn caused my husband's disability.  When one person suffers we all suffer.  If I had not risked my own death during those long years of pain, my husband and children would not be alive today.  PAIN. PAIN. PAIN. ENDURE. ENDURE. ENDURE.  Hats off to all who get into the ring each and every day, paid or unpaid, and do what needs to be done.  MAY WE ALL SEEK A HIGHER endure, endure, endure.


AFTER A LONG WEEK of unpaid labor it is time to work for pay for a couple hours this afternoon and a full day tomorrow.  There will be another day of work on Saturday but heading into June I don't yet know how many days they will need me at the store.  The food budget will be based on whatever work they are able to give me.

The work I do for the family at home doesn't come with a paycheck.  And so the journey continues with all its ironies.  I have to chuckle a little when I still hear people saying to me a quarter of a century later, "but your husband works doesn't he?"  It never ceases to amaze me how folks feel that married women somehow have less expenses or deserve to be paid less for the work they do than single women. 

But this is the way of the world for now until enough people decide that it should be different...wait didn't we have this discussion in 1972??? 

History repeats itself...and unless we want it to become a vicious cycle we must band together every time the world starts to fall off its axis again and prop it up. 

Today I pray that I will have the opportunity to make a difference for myself and other women like me in a world that is still, after all these years, blind to the value of women's work and labor and unwilling to pay women what they are worth...but of course you can't pay someone for what they do unless you offer them a paying job, right?



DO YOU NEED A BETTER REASON other than that there is energy here and is on your heart.  There will NEVER be a better time than NOW ! 


WEDNESDAY 9 MAY 2012   2:00 AM

I fell asleep early Tuesday night and awoke now at 2 AM Wednesday. We are still recovering from being awoken about 2 AM in the wee hours of Tuesday morning by a loud disagreement between two downstairs tenants.  Father Leslie was upset until I reminded him that perhaps from time to time they have heard us about that hour of the morning too when we couldn't agree on something.  Life appears to have those moments and as long as people try to work things out in a way that no one gets hurt it seems like it is inevitable that folks will be disagreeing until the end of time and since the dawn of time.

This dispute had spilled into the hallway with a male saying to a female, "Hey don't touch those plants on the windowsill.  They belong to your neighbor."  That's when I opened our apartment door a wee bit.  The male said to me, " I want her to leave."   I replied, " That's not my business but if anyone touches the plants, then I will have something to say."  The conversation was quickly moved outside.  The gentleman drove the lady home.  Perhaps it was good that he was driving as she appeared to be more than slightly intoxicated.

WE cannot and should not try to change others unless they ask for help and even then when they are adults it is best to let them figure it out on their own.  I was told when I was younger that you should never come between two fighting cats or dogs as they may turn on you next.  How true !  However, I do make it a point to put folks on a prayer list asking the healing energy of the Universe to give them an opportunity to understand themselves and one another in a new way.

I ask tonight that you help me by doing the same for them.  Thank you. Peace, MN.


Things got real busy.  I started back at the store at the beginning of April.  Had another temp job too which ended mid-April just as the store hours increased.  This means coming home tired but happy to be employed again.  It means having enough food to eat.  I came home last evening to a husband who wanted to be fed, had things for me to read and expected me to keep moving even though I had been on my feet all day already.  I asked him to wait for assistance so I could put my feet up too.  Sometimes he understands.  Sometimes he is impatient.  This morning after breakfast he asked me to assist him with a task that he had asked for help with last evening when I was exhausted.  I began to read through what he had handed me and to ask him questions as these forms were different than some I had helped him with before.  He became frustrated as the system I was using didn't work for him.  When I explained that the way I was reading them helped me to do what he was asking me to do he became frustrated.  This was not a good morning.  Leslie was feeling frustrated again about having to ask for assistance.  I was feeling frustrated because he was accomodating himself without making any allowance for my feelings or needs.  At first he said he would never ask for my help again, then decided to accept it, said thank you and left for work with the project completed.  This is how it goes some days folks.  One has to be realistic and then you PRAY FOR PEACE. 



Today was a day to ACT and INTERACT.  The debate folks often have is whether TALK is ACTION.  I say YES it is because to INTER-ACT with others is an ACT of LOVE. To show others a genuine concern for their well-being is the greatest ACT one can engage in. `mnm` 



Today is a day to reflect.  Today is a day to resurrect.  I have just been through a season of such.  First was Holy Week of the Christian Calendar, Passover of 8 days and during this same time the participation in prayers with the Buddhist Monks of the Drepung Gomang Tibetan Monastery who were visiting here in Philadelphia at the campus of La Salle University.  My father's memorial fund co-sponsored this event as part of the larger Diplomat-in-Residence Program.  We were committed to the message of harmony, justice and peace.  To be able to look ahead, to wait, to HOPE most of all for a better day of cooperation as a replacement for competition and destruction...this is the goal of our SUFFERING...the goal of GREAT HOPE...celebrating each day for its little signs of JOY...and enduring the suffering which comes from participating in prayers for those who cannot speak for themselves.  IN OUR FAMILIES may we seek to have compassion for one another this day with the understanding that what hurts one hurts us all and what helps one must help us all. ~ Praying for Peace with Justice for All, Reverend Mother Nanhi.



Sometimes you just I have been for 4 hours now...WAITING.  Yesterday I came into the front hallway from shopping and noticed a sign posted noting that today the FIRE ALARM would be tested in our apartment building (no time specified).  And so I rearranged my day to avoid being on the phone lines when an alarm system test would interfere with my calls.  When this has been done occasionally in the past it usually happens in the morning hours. It is now a little past noon and a message to the landlord has received no response, the sign was no longer posted in the hallway when I went down to check the mail and so I wait and wonder...I left a voice mail for the landlord about 10 minutes ago requesting an update on when the inspection would happen...

With the holidays coming and my commitment to help out at the store for Friday and Saturday this will leave me only ONE day to be on the phone counseling lines...many little jobs here and there sometimes add up to some semblance of an income...

BUT life is about WAITING AND WONDERING...because in spite of all the wonderful new technological gadgets we as humans now have at our disposal we are still working with the same human hearts...and if someone doesn't communicate with us, we are still left WAITING.

I HAD TO CHUCKLE AT MYSELF...there's a lot of waiting in YESTERDAY when my daughter and I went to purchase bus tokens.  There were 3 people in line in front of us.  Another person came bounding into the store, shopping cart in hand loudly complaining about the presence of a line...she quickly departed announcing she would return later "when the line might be shorter".  As we were exiting the store 10 minutes later she was coming back in the front happy and pleased to see there was "no longer a line"...truth was if she had stayed in line behind us she would have already been waited on...


Sometimes you just have to wait...WAITING... (BY THE WAY I was about to press the button to publish this page when a call came from my landlord..."the inspection has already taken place")...

The wait is over...onward then...kinda like fishing I guess...put out the BAIT N WAIT.

Ah the wonder of modern communication...patience, perseverance and pondering.



How did a whole month get away from me...or did it?  Timing?  This Journey Journal is growing by leaps of faith and sometimes little baby steps.  I have been developing a new business venture and am happy to say it is going well but of course this has taken time and energy along with the daily challenges that come from managing a household and keeping up with all my paid and unpaid commitments...stopping here today to pick up where we left off.  Today I called a friend whom I talk to on the phone about once a week.  We once worked in the same department for the same employer.  I haven't seen her face-to-face for nearly six months but figured it's about time.   So many things like this never happen unless you make them happen.  Part of that means doing what my Dad used to explain as "holding your stone 'til it's time to throw it..."  Mom would add, "aim for the center of the pond and watch the ripples..."  My younger sister and I had a phone conversation recently in which she promised to meet me sometime soon for lunch also.  It's been about 20 years since it was the 2 of us just talking face to face without anyone else there.  TODAY is a good day to think about how time can get away from us so easily.  If we don't make time for something it might never happen.  TODAY was also the first time my daughters (both in their 20's) got together and went out shopping for several months.  A lot was happening for both of them and it was good to see them remembering how important it is to "hang out" together...BEFORE TIME GETS AWAY FROM US...

TAKE TIME for what's important...human relationships TAKE TIME.  If you take time to build a sheltering, nurturing relationship its there for you when you really need it.

Don't let that time be at the graveside...




Yesterday was another day at the University listening to a presentation by a former U.S. Ambassador and his wife speak of their times on the African continent during a time of rapid change.  On my walk back home with my adult daughter we shared our reflections with one another about their candid anecdotes and the impact of people working together to make things happen.  We realized that we too have been on a map-changing journey ourselves as most people are.  "In the heat of the moment" people often say...yes...when the heat is on...what do we do.  This is the real test of our hearts AND our priorities as the Ambassador and his wife so effectively pointed out in retropect.  Recently I began covering as a phone counselor for an overnight crisis hotline offering callers spiritual insight into their journey.  As those who call are looking specifically for spiritual insight it is mutually agreed that we are open to discuss that aspect.  More than a few come hoping I can solve their problems for them but as the call progresses I am often successful in helping them to see that we must all listen to our own heartbeat to find the answers to life's problems.  I am not the only person to possess hindsight, insight and foresight.  I am one of the people who takes the time to help others learn how to do so and offer regular assistance and guidance to those to whom this gift does not come naturally.  TODAY I THANK GOD FOR THE GIFTS he has given each one of us so that we may SEE OUR FUTURE in the Spiritual Realm.  May we each in ourselves and with the assistance of the ambassadors in our lives continue to seek what is good, what is right, what is justice...FOR ALL...balancing the person at a time. ~Mother Nanhi~


STARTED a new job as a crisis intervention consultant on February 13.  It requires a lot of intense concentration but the rewards are worthwhile.  Lives are being changed and turned with compassion, love completely, seek the truth.  This will take anyone through a crisis.  Help others in crisis so when your number is up they will be empowered to help you. Peace, Mom Nanhi.


Yesterday was an exhausting day in many ways especially since I ended up walking about 4 miles. I was visiting the campus of a University where I used to work and where I still have connections due to a Memorial Fund established in my father's name 8 years ago at the time of his death. It always takes some emotional and spiritual energy to go to that campus where I invested so many years of my life, especially the five years when I worked 2 full time jobs while my hubby was out of work recovering from a near fatal accident. I still don't have a car and often walk to and from this location as it takes less time than taking the 2 buses I have to catch and spending transport money I might not have. Income has been for us as it has been for so many others--sporadic. AND YET in the middle of all this it was a blessed time to sit and talk with a KINDRED SPIRIT, a professor whom I approached 8 years ago while still employed there to donate funds to begin a Memorial to my father's work as a translator of 28 languages and as a believer in intercultural and interreligious dialogue to acheive peace through justice.

I thought of this visit again last night and this morning as Father Leslie and I sat down to untangle and decipher some family challenges which still remain as leftovers of the exhausting decade we have spent trying to recover in many ways from the changes brought on by his loss of sight, loss of our home and loss of investments.  IT IS AT TIMES LIKE THESE that we stop to pause and realize that ALL WE HAVE LEFT IS ONE ANOTHER and that we must all RELEARN each day anew how to start afresh, to continue to work for PEACE that is a lasting PEACE. Today we pray for our homes and neighborhoods. ~ MN and FL ~ 


SUNDAY 5 FEBRUARY 2012IT's been an eventful couple of days.  Lots of phone calls from friends with changes happening in their lives.  A godson and his wife finally saw the birth of their first child on Saturday, another godchild saw the break-up of a relationship and domestic violence and another godson broke up and reunited with a girlfriend.

















Then there was the walk through the old neighborhood.  Leslie & I often go for a stroll on Sunday afternoons.  It's easier to think with the sky above you than it is in a small cramped apartment with sloped ceilings and very little floor space. The sun was so bright.  It was nice to walk down our old block and see the majestic old homes that once surrounded us while we were raising our children and homeowners on this block.

Then there was that photo on the telephone utility pole at the end of the block and a poster marked FOUND.  I couldn't take my eyes off the photo of the petite doggie staring back at me.   Why if I didn't know looked exactly like ROSIE whom we had placed for adoption when we moved to the apartment 5 years it couldn't be I didn't take me long to call the phone number there and introduce myself.  After explaining the reason for my call and wondering if perhaps she had found her way back to the old homestead the caller explained that this doggie was a boy not a girl.  I never asked his name to protect his privacy but he warmly explained that they had found this dog on the block with no collar and looking lost...that he and his little sons had fallen in love with the dog and were kind of hoping that no one would claim him...but knew they had to at least try to find the owner.

TOGETHER we agreed that either way and no matter what the outcome this little dog had served as an angel to brighten both our days!  Kinda like the lost dog POOKA who had come to our home 7 years ago brought by neighbors who had thought she was our beagle.  She was placed with a classmate of our daughter Gin at a local dance studio after trying in vain to find the owner.  What a sweetheart she had been. 

PERHAPS the greatest encounter was with the mother of a young man who had been senselessly murdered at a corner gas station about 8 years ago.  In our conversation we found out that they had not yet identified the culprit who had taken her son's life but that there were some possible leads and that the mayor had committed himself also to finding out the truth no matter what it took.  I shared with this woman about my loss of my son (see " I lost him twice" on the home page index). She kindly offered her sympathies and a phone # where we could stay in touch other than just crossing paths occasionally in the street.

THANK YOU GOD for giving me these angels today to brighten my path.  I pray for each one of them that their hearts and burdens are maybe a little lighter for having talked with me today.  They sure give me JOY as they shared how they kept going NO MATTER WHAT with HOPE in their hearts. 

LOVE & JOY TO YOU ALL OUR PRECIOUS MINISTRY MEMBERS.  You are always in our prayers and we hope you will continue to keep us in yours. 

Love, Mom NANHI Mary Morrow-Farrell : ) 




Snow and ice has finally come to our region (a bit late)but we have avoided it thus far, knew it was coming and will have to deal with it.  This morning about 6:00 AM I was awakened by a loud and familiar thumping sound as our young neighbor in the 2nd floor apartment below went through the physical and mental gymnastics of getting ready to shovel snow and clean off his car to head to work.  In order to facilitate this he turned up the bass on his stereo speakers to a level that the furniture and walls began to shake at vibration levels reminiscent of this past summer's earthquake.  After about 15 minutes of trying to fall back asleep I finally resorted to my familiar, can't beat um join um strategy, went to my tool desk and took out my best and largest handy hammer.  In off beat style I began pounding the floor at the same volume level he was using but with a beat that ran counter to his.  Sure enough, within minutes the bass levels had been adjusted.  Now thoroughly awake I decided to get up and make a hot drink totally submitted to the fact that I was not going to get that extra hour of sleep I so wanted and needed.

All of life seems to be about adjusting, adapting and doing what works.  Sometimes the best lesson one can use is to demonstrate to another what it feels like to be in the position they have put you in...

Here's to life and its shared lessons along the way...

Do your matter what...keep moving...and share with others as they share with you.   AFTER ALL it does mean you are STILL ALIVE !

~ Mom Nanhi~ 1-21-12 


Today was a busy day.  It needed some elbow grease, some laugh, some cry and some reflection as well.  PACE.  That's right. PACE.  We hear a lot about  mechanical pacemakers for the physical human heart.  But what of our spirits?  Have we learned when to sit for 20 minutes, stare out a window, chill, mellow out or just think nothing at all?  If you don't have a power NAP built into your day to transistion you into the next phase of operations, YOU WILL burn out before you know it.  The mind, body and spirit need DOWN TIME...if not...before long it catches up with it into your day before you BURN OUT ! Peace, MNM.


 "Give him his wage on the day it is due"—Deuteronomy 24:15.

This morning I prayed my morning prayers: The Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary, a Hebrew Prayer and Native American Prayers.  This is part of my daily routine to focus my heart and thoughts on the LIGHT of the CREATOR.

Part of the Lord’s Prayer finds us asking for DAILY BREAD.  When I read the above verse from Deuteronomy I was struck deeply by the ancient wisdom of PAYING WHAT IS DUE in a timely fashion.  How would our lives change in these modern times if we would PAY others as often as we wish to be PAID?

TODAY think about something that you owe another.  Talk to them and work out a reasonable payment plan so that BALANCE AND HARMONY may be achieved.  GOD cannot bless you unless you also bless others…

GIVE BACK to the BANK of LIFE what it has given to you so that it can be there for others whose turn has come…


"It is not the critic who counts rather, the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who knows the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at best knows in the end the high achievement of triumph and who at worst, if he fails while daring greatly, knows his place shall never be with those timid and cold souls who know neither victory nor defeat." - President Theodore Roosevelt



Today we left an organization that we have been associated with for over 2 1/2 years.  There was ugliness in the atmosphere there, increasing daily harrassment and after trying to bring it to the attention of the administration we finally asked them to delete our membership.

When one door closes, another opens.

Thank you to our TRUE FRIENDS for all your prayers. 

We Pray for Peace with Justice,

Mom Nanhi & Pop Leslie



We are not God. God asks us to do the right thing. We are given free will and continue to harm others and try to blame God for what we do wrong. SAD fact.

When Father Leslie had an accident over 10 years ago God was not working for the Water Department in Philadelphia.  God did whisper in the ears of those who needed to fix a hole in the street that caused so much damage but they weren't listening. 

As a result of human negligence many lives were changed forever...

Today...LISTEN...God is speaking.




Courage is INDEED all about grieving  and accepting all that was lost.  Life appears to be losing one thing after another.  Everything is good for a time and then passes away...Four years ago I lost a house and everything I worked so hard for as well as everything my parents and grandparents and great-grandparents had worked for ALL THEIR LIVES. I have maintained my sanity, was able to salvage a few material possessions and now have to grow my plants on the windowsill instead of the yard. I didn’t cause or ask for this loss. My home was stolen from me and my family by insensitive, lying manipulators...not every loss is of our own choosing...some are, some aren't.  No matter when, where and how, it is our task to indeed GRIEVE, LET GO AND MOVE is a new day, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is yet to be… ~mOm NANHI~





















That is a question many religions and philosophies ponder.  If there is a God some say, then why is there suffering in the world?  Over the years that I have known this planet as home I also have asked these questions…especially today.


Here I am a women who in her 50’s has been working temp jobs and volunteer positions for over 4 years now, a woman who worked three jobs to be able to put her husband back to work, to pay for his medical and legal bills, a woman who paid one daughter’s way through college only to have that daughter suffering now from a chronic illness herself despite a 3.92 GPA.  A woman with college degrees who worked hard to obtain them…a woman whose mother died of cancer when she was in the prime of life in her 40’s, a woman whose husband is severely visually-impaired, unable to see his or her face, fighting his feelings of inadequacy off and on…emerging stronger with each battle…but WHY GOD WHY?


Why not just give up?  Is there no God as the hecklers say?  Is this something which your sins brought on you?  And what of the death of your son 18 months ago at the hands of a drunk driver…did God cause this as well? Why didn’t he stop this from happening to you?


Round and round the questions go and when the light breaks thru for just a few moments…


I see the FACE OF GOD…saying…if only my children would seek justice in their HEARTS and love one another as I simply asked them to…


TODAY I PRAY FOR JUSTICE…today I pray that those who continue to harm others for their own gain will have a change of heart…will experience just a small dose of the pain they have caused others to suffer…is it wrong to pray for justice?  I WONDER…






Vicious cycles.  We are all familiar with them. .. the ones others have created for us and the ones we create for ourselves.  Somewhere on the treadmill of life it is good to know that we can get off the merry-go-round (why we call it that I don’t know cause it always made me nauseous not merry) …

TODAY, just for one day, take a step back and turn the dial on your spiritual washing machine.  Try a different detergent, water level, cycle or temperature.  You may find that the variety is refreshing…of course a tad bit of forethought is recommended…don’t want to rip and burn…but…one thing is sure…


When it comes to confessing and repenting…


     ~M. Nanhi~



TODAY I WATCHED IN HORROR as two men climbed a tree and began to saw off its living branches claiming it was "dead" when it looked very much alive to me...and deep inside that tree I knew a raccoon was sleeping in the place it had called home for all 5 years that I have lived in my third floor apartment which has enjoyed the shade of that tree for many a century before I came here...


MY MIND floated back to last month as I listened to a group of Tibetan Monks speak of being displaced from their homeland, living in exile in India, trying to hold onto the remnants of their culture and language...and then my mind shifted to the time I met my Cherokee grandpa's people for the first time...he had placed his children for adoption in 1935 and here I was looking back the red road of time to find a piece of him to hold onto...


HOME SWEET it a place on the land or a place in our hearts? I think every day of the time I had to leave the home I had lived in for 10 years, forced out by harrassing neighbors and banks foreclosure following my hubby's unfortunate car accident...


Why is it that we as humans are so eager to displace others in the name of our own comfort and ease, thereby upsetting the delicate balance of our planet? Why is it that we complain when the earth shakes, rocks and rolls, groaning beneath the weight of greed and the plundering of earth's resources with no attempt to replace and care for what it has taken centuries and decades to produce with loving care?